Street art in Havana,  Cuba,  November 2016

This mural can be found on Empedrado, close to Plaza de la Catedral.  Working solely by the signature, this piece is the work of ZLY UNT.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 23 January 2017


Part of Monday Mural


16 thoughts on “Caress

    1. That just never occurred to me, but the hand movement does look like they’re playing drums. It’s just that the object looks softer than a drum to me.
      But I think you’re right – it certainly goes with Cubans’ love of music. Thanks Sue

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      1. In my mind is a group of lads on a Havanna rooftop, one playing makeshift drums…. I’ll find the seriously out of focus image sometime (cheap, useless digital camera I had a decade ago!)

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      2. Found the imperfect, blurry photo of the Havana lads on the rooftop…3 drums! I shall post it for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow…


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