New and Old

Millennium Bridge,  London,  January 2017


This shot is a long exposure to capture some of the movement of the people on Millennium Bridge, versus the impregnability of St Paul’s Cathedral on the other side of the Thames.  But the length was limited by a lack of tripod!  Whilst the sharpness is not immaculate, I am very pleased with the steadying abilities of my camera at 1/6 second.

Of course the other contrast with the age and grace of much of London’s architecture, is the prevalence of cranes.  It is almost impossible to take a shot of London without including evidence of ongoing construction work.  And wandering around the city without encountering a towering crane is totally out of the question.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 January 2017



7 thoughts on “New and Old

  1. wonderful take on old and new – and so much to soak up in the image – oh – and I always think the cranes are a sign that the economy is good and all – and some cities – as you note – just seem to have them all the time….


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