Wintry Delight

Verulamium Park,  St Albans,  England,  January 2017

My favourite woody quadruplets are shown to their best on a bright and frosty morning – winter’s weather on top form!


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 January 2017


Part of Thursday Special and Sunday Trees

10 thoughts on “Wintry Delight

  1. A very beautiful scene of quadruplets 😀 One is significantly taller than the other three. He must have been the first. What is the animal figure? A cat or a dog? Thank you, Debbie. It definitely conveys that wintry feel. Now I don’t feel so cold any more when I know that you guys share it too 😀

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  2. Nice one……we are back to dark grey again. After yesterdays hint of sunshine which cleared most of the fog we had hopes for a cold but good day today. Well its cold, -2c at 10.45am. but odd that the lake that has been frozen over the past few days is clear? Strange weather///so enjoy what ans when you can.

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