Chitter-chatter in the northern Caribbean


Havana,  Cuba,  December 2016



Part of the Crayola challenge:

Hex colour reference:  #1cd3a2

A colourful note:  This joyous caribbean green appeared as a bright speciality crayon for Crayola in 1997.  Seems a good name choice given the regular appearance of this shade on the streets of Havana


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 25 February 2017



9 thoughts on “Chitter-chatter in the northern Caribbean

    1. Still there!
      Yes, it was sunny today.
      lots of portrait photography and use of flash – not my usual thing but I am learning. And when I need a break from using my brain, I can just admire Venice.
      Great leader, great group, great city :))

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