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Storm Doris turned four into three


Fallen pine tree in Verulamium Park,  St Albans,  England,  February 2017

One of my beloved four pine trees was struck down by Storm Doris on 23 February 2017.  

Thankfully, the destruction work was minor compared with the great storm of 1987, back in the days when storms didn’t earn christian names.  That event caused massive devastation, damaging around 15 million trees in the UK and turning Sevenoaks, in Kent, to “Oneoak”.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 4 March 2017


Part of Six Word Saturday and All Seasons

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  1. Oh noooo!! I was in London for Doris and got some great skies despite hardly being able to walk into the wind. We were absolutely cut off by the 87 storm! Lived by the River Mole south of Boxhill back then. I remember waking up to find cows in our garden who’d escaped to high ground, half our silver birch down and Boxhill completely devastated.


  2. It’s always sad to lose a part of your garden but it’s good that the damage was so minimal. It’s strange that it was one of the inside trees and not one from the end!


  3. Ouch! Living in an area with many trees around me, it’s always sad when a tree goes before its time:( Hope there were no human fatalities with storm Doris. Many thanks Debbie for linking up with ALL SEASONS – a noteworthy share!


  4. Losing trees is truly sad. We lost 20 to porcupines one year…and vandals cut down six in my parents’ yard which is a crime for which there is no adequate punishment. Funny side note: I stayed in Seven Oaks the first time I visited England!

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    • Well fortunately porcupines aren’t a threat for me 😀 But it is very sad to see them vanish when they are such impressive sight. My “no longer four” run along the line of a Roman wall. But at least the Roman wall remains survived Doris!

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  5. I guess overall we escaped what could have been an environmental habitat disaster… our woodlands we only had one very unhealthy tree snap in half….thankfully all my ‘special’ favourites are still waiting for spring

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