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High above the Grand Canal


View down to Grand Canal,  Venice,  February 2017

Close to the Rialto Bridge, there now stands a luxury department store with a very inviting roof terrace.  T Fondaco dei Tedeschi occupies a building that has a long history and went through a number of functions, but is now beauty, luxury and shopping!

I could have done with a pair of stilts and a wider angle lens to get more of a view of the Grand Canal as it comes around the bend and sweeps beneath the Rialto Bridge.



Someone else had the same idea as me regarding stilts!!






The current building dates back to the early 1500s, but went through substantial renovation in the 18th century and again under Mussolini in the 1930s, when it was converted into a post office.


The Benetton family acquired the building in 2008 and appointed OMA,to produce an impressive redesign of this historic site.  They opened up the building, providing a welcoming courtyard, surrounding by beautiful galleries and a dramatic steel and glass floor that hovers as ceiling to the courtyard and floor of the top floor exhibition space.


View down to a perfect spot for coffee and fritelle

And I’ll leave you with another external view from the roof, with some company this time:





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 15 March 2017

Part of Atop


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  1. Excellent! We were going to go up, but the weather turned dull and we chose other things to do. This shows a different perspective, doesn’t it! Debbie, have you read (by any chance) the book “The other Venice”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I do like to get a view down on a place if I can. There was another tower that I want dot get up but it was closed when I went across to it (just thought – it would have been good for your winding theme)
      No I haven’t read that book – do you recommend it?


      • Yes, Bovolo Scala! I took a couple of photos but wanted more!

        I think I’ve seen the book in English, but I just never have time to read everything I want to. I’m hoping to get back in November with another photography fanatic, and I think that book would give us some fresh thoughts.

        I’m off to Azerbaijan tonight and think I’ll doing my reading on the flight!


    • Wasn’t it gorgeous inside! I loved the balconies with ancient rugs. I didn’t buy anything other than coffee and cake, but it was really worth a wander.
      There are sometimes queues to get on the roof so you may have saved yourself a long queue!


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