White Rabbit will bring good fortune


I hope you all said “White Rabbit!” or Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” when you woke up this morning.  This long-dating superstition, with unclear origin, should bring you a present or some good luck during the month.


If you forgot, perhaps you can top up your good fortune by following the white rabbit to a studio cafe in London’s Shoreditch.


White Rabbit cafe,  Shoreditch,  London,  January 2017

The White Rabbit offerings are complemented by a Thierry Noir (did they deliberately choose this white and black contrast, I wonder?) mural in the courtyard.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 April 2017

Part of Six Word Saturday

17 thoughts on “White Rabbit will bring good fortune

  1. Nice shots, DS! Never heard of the white Rabbit chant; hope it’s not too late to do so now–I need all the good fortune I can attract.

    And huge thanks for being our new 6WS spot. What would we do without you?

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      1. If you add a comment and stick your URL in there everyone will see it and be able to come over to you easily.

        Is that ok for you. If not, you can link to the tag you mentioned and I should be able to pull the URL across.


  2. Thanks again for taking this over!

    I haven’t heard of the rabbit saying but I love learning something new. Especially when it’s accompanied by such lovely photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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