Where Harry Met Sally

Katz’s Delicatessen, Lower East Side,  New York,  February 2017


This now famous deli was set up in 1888 on Ludlow Street under the name of Iceland Brothers.  The store became Iceland & Katz in 1903 when Willy Katz joined the store, and turned into Katz’s in 1910 when Willy and his cousin bought out the Icelands.  The store moved to it current location when the subway was being constructed in the area, and the present facade was added in the late 1940s.

In 1989 it featured in When Harry Met Sally, but it had long been host to famous people, as evidenced by the 800 or so portraits that decorate the walls.

And thousands continue to eat here, with 4000 people passing through the doors on a busy day.  If you’re partial to corned beef and pastrami then be sure to join the masses and indulge in their tasty offerings.  But don’t go unless you are hungry – the portions are massive!

Katz’s Delicatessen at 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St),  New York City

and there’s also a branch in Brooklyn now: 1 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 April 2017, updated August 2018


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