King and Saint

Statue of King Saint Stephen I,  Budapest,  June 2016

Stephen I was born c. 975, became the first King of Hungary in c. 1000, and died 1038.  He was canonized in 1083 by Pope Gregory VII.  He is one of Hungary’s most venerated historical characters, featuring in poetry, music and visual arts.  This modern statue of him stands high above Budapest at the Fisherman’s Bastion.


#ff43a4 color image

Hex colour reference:  #ff43a4

A colourful note:  This shade, wild strawberry, appeared as a new tone for Crayola in 1990, rather more magenta-toned than I would expect of a strawberry colour.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 April 2017

Posted as part of Color Your World

8 thoughts on “King and Saint

  1. That color could only have been chosen by a man to represent strawberry. My husband sees all colors in basic: blue, green, red, orange, yellow. There are fewer either cones or rods in the male eye, and they simply do not have the equipment to distinguish shades as finely as women do. No idea why.

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  2. My Stephen has been a saint caring for his sick wife trying to shake a bad virus! And we (saint Stephen and I) often argue about the color of something. He says blue. I say purple. And so on lol!

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