Looking Down on London

View from terrace of Tate Modern to St Paul’s Cathedral,  London,  April 2017

As promised, I am clambering up high to give you an aerial glimpse of London.   I plan to take you to a different viewpoint each month in 2017.

January took us to the outdoor gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral; February took us onto a rooftop terrace close to St Paul’s; in March we sailed west along the Thames and up in a cable car; this month we are high above the Thames opposite St Paul’s.

The recent extension to the Tate Modern gallery provides a 360° viewing terrace on the 10th floor.  I spent the sunset period up there the other evening, popping inside for my cup of tea while I waited for the sun to drop.

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Entrance is free, but donations are encouraged to support this inspiring art gallery.  There’s also a handy skyline guide available for £2.  My tips: 1) don’t miss this viewpoint, and 2) the lifts get extremely full, so go to the ground floor to catch one.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 30 April 2017

.Part of The Changing Seasons

19 thoughts on “Looking Down on London

    1. We must meet there! It’s an easy journey in for me (and I always have my camera!) And they do good tea and scones 🙂
      I’ve got a crazy work schedule at the moment but I’ll be around from 19 June. A bit nearer the time we must pick a date!

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