Looking Down on London


As promised, every month in 2017 I am clambering up high to give you an aerial glimpse of London and taking you to a different viewpoint each time.

January took us to the outdoor gallery atop St Paul’s Cathedral; February took us onto a rooftop terrace close to St Paul’s; in March we sailed west along the Thames and up in a cable car; in April we loitered high above the Thames opposite St Paul’s; in May we strolled up Primrose Hill.  This month we are taking it easy with both elevator and sustenance available.


Come and join me for a drink and a tasty nibble in a rooftop bar on the Strand.

Radio Rooftop Bar,  The Strand,  London,  June 2017

This classy bar is located on the roof of the ME Hotel on London’s Strand, close to the Thames.  An express lift will whisk you to the 10th floor, where the Radio Bar offers great views down onto the Strand and across the road to Somerset House.  Further afield, you can see the Gherkin, Cheese Grater, Walkie Talkie and Shard to your left and the London Eye to your right.

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This bar is in the heart of London, so definitely worth a visit.  Dress code is trendy and casual (but I was allowed in !), and non-residents are welcome.  However, residents are given priority and seats can be hard to come by, so if you are not staying in the hotel I recommend reserving a table.




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12 thoughts on “Looking Down on London

  1. I visited London years ago and thought it alive with culture. The aerial view certainly offers a different perspective on its architecture. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. My camera has made me keener to get up high. It is something I try to do in any city I visit – so good to get a view of how everything fits together


  2. Wow, beautiful views of London, Deb!
    I chuckled about your expression – I can’t see you “loitering!” Oh, by the way, the owner of the Linky List for All Seasons fixed the problem with the Link List Sunday night, so if you like to still share your image before Wenesday evening, you’re welcome to do so. It’s up to you – I haven’t learned yet how to do a “ping back” (still a Blogspot-ter at heart, lol)


  3. Loved your views and sights of London. BTW if the dress code is trendy and casual and you said you were allowed in despite, I am curious about what you were wearing; formal and old fashioned ?


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