Gazing out from Montjuic

Over the Font del Gat in Montjuic,  Barcelona,  April 2017

There is a popular sardana tune created by the Catalan composer Enric Morera and named after the Font del Gat (Fountain of the Cat) which is situated close to this beautiful rooftop.  Take a moment to enjoy the sardana dance below.

“Beautiful landscape, is the Montjuic Park,
A beautiful fountain shows up in the middle,
That with great enthusiasm
Inspired a very happy song …”




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 April 2017

Posted as part of Weekend in B&W and Monochrome Madness

20 thoughts on “Gazing out from Montjuic

  1. Debbie, this is the first time I hear of Sardana dance. It looks fascinating. The view is equally fascinating with Sagrada Familia in the background! Thank you for sharing 🙂 and Happy Easter!

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  2. Oh Jo, what a kind thing to say.
    To bring us back to the real world, I was completely lost when taking this. I was following my phone to the wrong spot on my map. My daughter was very tolerant of the error!
    I hope you have a great Easter too.


    1. Sometimes it’s good to get out of the city’s streets and admire the view. There’s a cafe/restaurant beneath that roof that I haven’t tried yet – but it has to be a great place to sit!


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