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A Flowering Island

The Island of Mainau, sits in the Bodensee (Lake Constance), close to the German town of Konstanz.  It is a place of knightly and royal heritage, owned long ago by the Order of Teutonic Knights, followed by Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden, and then by his sister Victoria of Baden, wife of King Gustaf V of Sweden.  From her, it passed down to Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Södermanland and has since been transferred to a foundation.   This is now managed by Bettina Bernadotte, and her brother Björn,  grandchildren of Prince Wilhelm.


Bodensee in plant form,  Mainau,  Germany,  April 2017

Enough of the history; this island is blessed with a huge selection of trees and plants, with views to the lake, comfortable places to sit and relax, and a greenhouse of plants and butterflies.  I was lucky to attend a conference on the island in April, but was not fortunate with the accompanying downpours of rain and snow.  Nonetheless, armed with waterproof jacket and large umbrella (and camera) I walked around enjoying the colours, the reflections, the mist and the views-that-would-have-been.

I’m not giving a map or directions for this walk, this is simply a place to wander and enjoy.

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The island is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset and it is easily accessible by car, bus and boat from Constance and other towns around the lake.  More information is available here.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 May 2017

Posted as part of  Monday Walks

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