Dangerous Flying Objects

Part of Lumiere festival,  London,  January 2016


Lumiere is a tremendous festival of light, that has been visiting Durham every other year since 2009.  I had been planning to get there in 2015 but life intervened, so I was extremely excited to learn that it was coming to London for its first visit in January 2016.

A combination of numb fingers from the freezing weather, massive crowds, and extreme light conditions made photography challenging but I truly enjoyed the displays.

It returns to Durham this year from 16th to 19th November and I’m hoping to get up there this time.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 4 May 2017

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      1. I liked your take as most people have responded with a sign board. See how mind plays that we don’t think beyond what we see. Have a good day 😀


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