Shoreditch Riviera


The Last Days of Shoreditch is an urban riviera, with beach and palm trees, plus food, drink, music and karaoke.  It is open Thursday – Saturday, until the end of August, and has areas for available for private use, including the karaoke room.

The riviera is hiding behind this hoarding



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 July 2017

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9 thoughts on “Shoreditch Riviera

  1. My memories of Shoreditch were not quite urban riviera, more the aroma of brick dust in the air, and perhaps fried eggs and bacon from a cafe, but when you grow up in Bethnal Green, a stones throw from Shoreditch, and Old Street being a memory of the Kensitas Cigarette Factory, then you perhaps fail to see the romantic side of Shoreditch. Admittedly I left Bethnal Green in 1964 so perhaps I missed all the glories of improvement. There were posters on the walls, but not exactly works of art. Thanks for the reminder.

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