Fancy a game?

Chess for fun!    Brick Lane,  London,  August 2017


If you fancy a game, this charming man is happy to oblige.  And for a photo he only requests a kiss!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 August 2017

Posted as part of Weekend in B&W

12 thoughts on “Fancy a game?

  1. I love these kind of shots, documentary, it shows how it is and no arrangement how the people should stand or what to do…great capture.

    Have a great week!


  2. Fun captures!!! We have a large population of Armenian immigrants in our community, and one of the cultural differences I’ve noticed is the large numbers of men in parks, sitting and playing chess. In Europe you see people in the parks reading, playing chess, sitting and chatting, etc, etc. Here in So California the parks got used more for large picnics, soccer, kids groups etc. Most of us “natives” stick to our own back yard barbecues rather than venture out.


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