23 thoughts on “Beneath my bedroom window

    1. Interesting. I added a little warmth to make it more welcoming, but clearly not enough. I walked this route so many times, often with the strength of a wine tipple, that I know it is welcoming really.


    1. No. Though it is tempting as its wonderfully friendly. My French improved massively as all the locals were happy to chat. But it’s also expensive.
      For my couple of days after the workshop I moved to a hotel and my room was first floor, just behind the top of this arch.
      Standing on tiptoes I could see the ancient theatre.


  1. I would prefer the colour (because of the warmth) if it weren’t for the red glow on the left. It draws the focus away from the arch and the passage. The monochrome invites one to step through and explore further.

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