Elvis on Hanbury Street,  London,  July 2017

British artist Shok-1, based in London,  spray paints walls with intriguing X-ray works, using freehand techniques to create the translucent effects.

His recent X-Pop series brings us his intricate views of major icons and characters. This pelvic piece brings hip-shaking Elvis to the gate of the Truman Brewery in London. It is presented in black on a silver background, referring to the palette of the famous Elvis paintings by Warhol, where silver was said to refer to the ‘silver screen’ of Hollywood.



MasterPeace on Fournier Street, London, August 2017



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 October 2017

Posted as part of Hallowe’en

8 thoughts on “Skeletal

  1. This is great. Would love to see more of Shok-1’s art. And I like that you shot these wide to include the context- where they were when you saw them. Great!

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    1. I have a little project to capture street art in context, preferably with people reacting with it. But I don’t always have the time that requires.
      This artist is very interesting – a Chemistry qualified person so there is some science there as well as art – and I’ll be watching for more of his work

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