A modern peek at my Vietnam itinerary


I started off in the middle of the long Vietnam coastline, at Hoi An.  A beautiful place to start.  From there I did the “Top Gear” drive over Hai Van pass to Hue, and then flew up to Hanoi to join with a photography workshop.  From there we headed out into the northern countryside to enjoy the stunning scenery and meet the local tribes.  After a few nights in villages and a few in oh-so-touristy Sapa, we headed back to Hanoi and out to Halong Bay for a seaplane flight and a cruise, plus more wonderful views of course.  I then finished with a couple of extra nights in Hanoi.

It was an itinerary that worked very well, though I wish I had given myself a bit more time in Hoi An.  And I’ve still got the south of the country to see.

Phone and iPad are now important tools on my trips, especially when I’m travelling solo. Guides on Kindle and iBooks, maps and satnav are there to be my guide.  I use Snapchat to give friends and family a peek at where I am and what I’m seeing (and also to keep track of my daughter’s own wanderings around Asia). And yes, there’s an old-fashioned printed map, with hand-written annotations, but I carried that with me in photo form!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 2 November 2017

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    1. I quite enjoy doing some of my travelling alone. Leaves me free to wander and meet local people. And I often google for a local photographer to show me some good viewpoints and give me tips on how to improve.


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