Broken eggs

Hoi AnDSC0788620170910-1
A taste of balut in Hoi An,  Viet Nam,  September 2017

Balut, or Hột vịt lộa, is a street-food delight, or not so delightful depending on personal taste, in South East Asia.  It is extremely popular in the Philippines and  I saw a lot of it along the roadside in Vietnam too.  It is a developing embryo (usually a duck) that is boiled and eaten from the shell.

I got to taste it on a great food tour in Hoi An.  I have to say I didn’t enjoy it, as it tasted more of earth and smoke than anything else, but it is full of protein and easy to digest.

I loved everything else on the tour though, which included the local white rose speciality, the local baguette, noodles, a wonderful meal in a local house, coffee, a boat trip and a visit to the local musical bingo.

Hoi AnDSC0905020170910-1


Hoi An Food Tour


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