Even the gods can be experimental

This jazzily bedecked ant may be experimental with his appearance, but there was a greater experiment made with ants in the days of the Trojan War.

The Greek island of Aegina was afflicted by a plague and the population was severely depleted. In desperation, King Aeacus prayed to Jupiter  to repopulate the island. The king of the gods was responsive to his request, and was experimental in his solution. He chose a colony of ants, know for their community spirit and physical strength, and turned them into a hard-working group of people who could recultivate the desolate island.  Based on the Greek word for ant, myrmex, these sturdy people became known as the Myrmidons.


In June 2017, the creative designer Elena Pinedo, created this army of Myrmidons to decorate the outer wall of the Vincci Soho hotel in Madrid.  These fellows are made of fibre-glass with metal legs and antennae, they measure around 60cm in length, and are coated in black paint for both appearance and protection against the weather.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 15 November 2017


6 thoughts on “Even the gods can be experimental

  1. Brilliant experimental . . . . . although think if I was in in that hotel I’d be checking constantly they hadn’t moved! I love ants but maybe not this size!


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