This trio of young masais are in transition from boyhood to young warrior status.  The ceremony includes circumcision and the youngsters dress in black robes with white makeup for a period of around 6 months as they progress into their new level of Masai culture.

Despite the facial decoration, these lads were outside a national park in Tanzania, not Kenya.  Their cultural transition was being aided by tourist dollars.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 8 February 2018

Posted as part of Thursday Special

15 thoughts on “Trio

    1. They are definitely still hanging onto their traditions – though I think it will change more rapidly now. The children are going to school, at least for a couple of years, but with many progressing to senior schools in the cities. Hopefully a happy mix of tradition and improved health care and education can be achieved.


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    1. Yes, it is still done without anaesthetics – the pain is an important part of their move towards manhood!
      I didn’t see the actual ceremony though. Many of them lads stood along tracks through the wilderness and at key tourist points to get attention and money for posing for photos!


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