Honey on the roof

Roof view from Royal Lancaster London Hotel,  London,  June 2018
Honey farm on the hotel roof




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 13 June 2018
Posted as part of Roof Squares

14 thoughts on “Honey on the roof

  1. A very unusual roof. But I have read that there are more hives in London than anywhere else.

    ‘In fact, London has a higher density of honey bees than anywhere else in the country’, says Tristam Sutton, apiary manager and beekeeping association trustee, speaking from Walworth Garden at Kennington, south London.

    And in answer to Sue’s point: ‘It’s a misconception that cities are bad for bees,’ he says. ‘Ironically, urban environments with parks and gardens provide a very good habitat for honeybees.

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    1. I don’t know the details, but it has been there for quite a few years – almost 10 I think. And the bees have just a short flight over to Hyde Park so they probably enjoy the setting.


  2. Your title had me intrigued. Spotted the sign immediately but took me a moment to realise there were hives!

    What a fabulous idea. I wonder what the honey tastes like? Have you tried?

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