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Animals take the lead

I didn’t have a dog with me in Glasgow the other week, but I was delighted to see this dog-welcoming sign at 13th Note, an independent cafe, bar, music and art venue. The welcome was friendly to adults too, I loved the food (vegetarian and vegan) and they encourage local musicians and artists to perform and display their work here. If in Glasgow, be sure to visit.


13th Note, Glasgow, July 2018


Do you remember Tufty? This caring and patient red squirrel was created in 1953, and he became a regular character on British tv  in the 1960s. He was there to teach us our Green Cross Code – how to cross the road without getting our precious toys and ice creams crushed by the cars. He had his own club with around 2 million children sporting the membership badge by the early 70s. I don’t think I was a member, but I do remember being inspired by him in the mid 60s to go out practicing my looking left and right, and teaching the younger children in my street to do the same.


Poster on display in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast,  March 2018

Tufty was recruited for wider services in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.  The poster above shows one of his messages, a warning about potentially booby-trapped buildings, and he issued similar warnings about picking things up in the street. An interesting record of sad times in Northern Ireland’s history.

And here’s a little collection of other animal-related signs:



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 July 2018

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W Challenge

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