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Biding its time


Elizabeth Tower and Houses of Parliament, London, October 2016

The Elizabeth Tower, which stands at the north end of the Houses of Parliament, was completed in 1859. The Great Clock started on 31 May that year, with the Great Bell (Big Ben) strikes heard for the first time on 11 July.

The tower, clock and bell recurrently undergoing major renovation work started in 2017 and not expected to complete until 2021.


Going under wraps,  August 2017


Well wrapped,  June 2018




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 8 December 2018
Posted as part of #timesquare


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  1. The last photo was what I saw when I was in London in June. 😟 We stayed in Westminster had to go by them wrapped everyday.
    Thanks for theses pictures. I’m tempted, but won’t,to take them for my scrap book.


  2. Loving your August shot 😊 feel so sorry for any tourists who are specifically coming to see it at the moment and don’t realise it’s wrapped.


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