Once the world’s largest chandelier


Chandeliers in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,  Muscat,  December 2018


The main chandelier in the centre of the men’s prayer hall held the Guinness world record as the largest chandelier in the world (since lost to the Reflective Flow chandelier in Doha, Qatar). The mosque’s low-hanging light contains 600,000 Swarovski crystals with 24 carat gold plating, weighs 8.5 tons and is an awe-inspiring 14 metres tall. It even has a staircase inside it to aid the complicated maintenance and cleaning. There are another thirty-four smaller chandeliers of the same basic design hanging in other parts of the mosque.

All of that said, the prayer room itself is so vast that the record-winning measurements of the chandelier are not obvious to the eye.  Though its beauty most certainly is.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 21 December 2018

Posted as part of Weekend B&W

9 thoughts on “Once the world’s largest chandelier

  1. My mind just can’t cope with the amazing size! It can cope just nicely, though, with the sheer beauty of your photographs – I particularly love the patterns of your last image.


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