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Looking back


Looking back

Leya at the Lens Artists Challenge has asked us all to give a photographic review of our 2018 – a collection of our memories and views of the year. So here is a quick flick through my year, a month at a time.


January in Tanzania


February in Madrid


Early March in London


April in Devon


May in busy and wet Tokyo


Brussels (and the World Cup) in June


Playing games in Glasgow in July


August reflections in Barcelona


September in Iceland


October in St Albans Abbey


November in Hong Kong


December in Oman




Copyright Debbie Smyth,  30 December 2018

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

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  1. Wow…you travel MUCH! Thank you for lovely shots and memories, but I get a little tired when I think of all your transports. But then, I know, I am getting old…


  2. Your travels are inspiring. I could never keep up like that, all those long flights must be exhausting, but I am grateful that you take me to places that I would never venture to myself. And I also applaud you for your excellent photography. Happy New Year Debbie and happy travels.
    Jude xx

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