Snowmen are starting to emerge

In my part of the world, the snowfall so far this winter lasted for approximately 2 minutes, leaving a few puddles and being replaced by glorious sunshine. But the forecast is for more to arrive soon, and I can already sense those snowmen rummaging around for pieces of coal, grabbing carrots from the kitchen and pulling out their top hats from the back of the wardrobe.

So, to prepare us all for the impending weather, here’s a quick look back at some snowmen I’ve spotted in previous winters.

A Venice shop window, November 2017


And I’ll finish with a suggestion for those snowmen who can’t find their hats this year.


Belvedere Palace, Vienna, November 2015



Copyright Debbie Smyth,  20 January 2019

Part of Weekly Prompts

9 thoughts on “Snowmen are starting to emerge

  1. Love the snowmen photos. I wonder if the figures themselves are Mother Nature’s watchful henchmen keeping an eye on things despite the threat of a global warming scenario. We fear a Zombie apocalypse but a snow man presence might easily replace that other imagine threat. What do you think? 🙂


  2. Eek! And here was I convincing myself Spring wasn’t far away! Debbie, if you see snowmen, snap them quickly… Spring is on its way! Hehehe. By the way I like the Venice shop window.

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    1. Yes, the melting aspect can be a problem for anyone slow getting focus!
      Spring isn’t too far away, but there may be some brutal winter still to come!
      Yes, that Venice window was fantastic. It’s the only snow i’ve seen in Venice so far, but I hope to see the real thingpthere one day.


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