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Open the door to me


A door in Makars’ Court, Edinburgh, January 2019


Entrance to the Writers’ Museum, Makars’ Court, Edinburgh, January 2019

Edinburgh’s Writers’ Museum celebrates the lives and works of three giants of Scottish Literature – Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. This fascinating museum is well worth a visit, and the small extract below might just encourage you to open the door and head on in.

Entrance is free, though donations are welcome – I hear that the museum is under threat of closure, so do visit if you can and be sure to spread word of its merit.

From Robert Burns’ poem, Open the door to me, oh:

“Oh, open the door, some pity to shew,
Oh, open the door to me, oh,
Tho’ thou hast been false, I’ll ever prove true,
Oh, open the door to me, oh.”



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 31 January 2019

Posted as part of Norm’s Doors

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    • Night photography is tricky – too easy to burn it out by worrying about the darkness, and the the lights get you! One of my personal photo projects this year is to play and learn more about night photography


  1. Love everything about these captures! The buildings, the lighting, the doors. . . ❤️ Hoping they don’t close their doors. That would be sadness, indeed.


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