Una mica de meva linguistic confusion

The beautiful Catalan language leapt out at me as I rushed along Fleet Street. Meeting or no meeting, I had to stop and investigate (and take a photo!).

Catalonia House, Fleet Street, London, April 2019


Now over to all of you. Do come and join us in our Saturday six-word musings.

I’ll admit that many of us openly break the numeric rule and share far more words (all excellent of course!) so the key rule is to have a title of six words – and then create around that the post that you desire! Perhaps in bunches of 6 words if you’re feeling inspired.

To join the challenge, please put a link in your post to the URL of this post. Then come back here and leave us a comment. If you have any problems with linking, just put your own URL into the comment. And do feel free to socialise digitally – tweet, instagram, flickr, etc. with the hashtagtags #SixWordSaturday and #6WS.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 13 April 2019

Posted as part of Six Word Saturday

49 thoughts on “Una mica de meva linguistic confusion

  1. Ooh, I like this building, Debbie, even though it looks as though it’s been squeezed into that gap there! And I like the fact I can see beyond, through that open door/gate.

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    1. A little gem.
      I love the Catalan names. Catalan pronunciation is so different to Castilian. My own Spanish is poor and a jumbled hotch potch of the 2 languages.


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