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A walk into the land of fantasy

Off we go on a short walk in the woods – come fantasise with me!

Dockey Wood, Hertfordshire, May 2019

The bluebells at Dockey Wood are protected from the feet of enthusiastic visitors by low fences of branches. Beyond those low barricades, the lines of trees guide your eyes towards the blues and lavenders of the Lady’s Nightcaps and Witches’ Thimbles – yes, the bluebell has many different names.

Almost half the world’s bluebells are found in the UK, and it always seems that a good proportion of them are spread across this small wood on the Ashridge Estate – a real treat for me and my camera.

The weather was in a changeable mood on my visit last week, with light levels dropping fast, and rain even faster. A touch of fantasy crept in, and I was happy.

Now let’s go and investigate one of the other delights at this wood, the great ice cream van out in the car park. A tempting treat, whatever the weather. Enjoy!




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 May 2019

Posted as part of Jo’s Monday Walks

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    • Yes I don’t do it often but moving the camera instead of holding it still can be fun! And you can play with shutter speed and hand speed forever. 😀😀 I’m easily pleased when out with my camera!

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  1. Lovely. I especially like your last few shots — they look rather painterly (as an artist friend of mine says in his rare moments of praise).


  2. Love the fantasy element, Debs! Such beautiful colours and Sue will love the experimentation. ☺ Almost missing my home patch. They are doing the Bluebell walk at Durham today 🌹🌹🌹🌹 Sorry! No bluebells on here 😍💕

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  3. Nice. I was experimenting with deliberate camera movement during exposure last year and was hoping to do some more this spring. No chance of that at the moment being laid up in rehab with a right shoulder that won’t support a camera at the moment.

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    • Oh dear, not a good ailment for a photographer. You clearly need a tripod and an assistant! I hope you are fully rehabed soon.
      It’s not something I do very often, but it matches the bluebells so well. It’s the carpet of blue that I love and the flowers often look too distinct and scattered in a photo. Plus in the low light it removes the need for a high ISO.

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