Leaf Spirit by Simon Gudgeon, Kew Gardens, London, September 2019



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 20 September 2019

Posted as part of Weekend B&W

13 thoughts on “Spiritual

    1. I agree with Sue. In light of this weekend’s climate change demonstrations world wide it could be read as nature taking over after the demise of mankind … no, I don’t want to be morbid just give a different take.

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      1. Oh my, that is a sad interpretation. One I’ll put aside on today’s sunny day. Or, I’ll try.
        I don’t think that was the artist’s exact intention, though it certainly has something to do with the power of nature over man. But his intention is not relevant anyway, what matters is what it makes us think of. And I will now think more deeply next time I look at this.

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        1. It’s not my general interpretation of the piece. But today of all days … in our town there was quite a crowd at the “Fridays for future” demonstration but I’ve been reading the comments on social media 😦


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