On the right lines

It’s the start of another month of squares with Becky. I thought I’d kick off with lines that are trying to lead us in a better direction, to a position where we take more care of our world.

Now there’s a big challenge.

Oxo Tower Wharf, London, September 2019

These brightly decorated jerry cans hanging above the Oxo Tower wharf are the work of children from across Nigeria. Each piece is a child’s own story of water, aiming to raise our awareness of the water pollution crisis affecting our environment, climate and waterways.

This outdoor art installation was produced by Five Cowries Arts Initiative, and was installed as part of the Totally Thames Festival 2019.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 October 2019

Posted as part of October Squares

14 thoughts on “On the right lines

  1. An interesting post – before I read the text I thought these were painted plastic milk bottles. Clean water is something I am passionate about, I get so annoyed that we in the western world flush our toilets with drinking water when there are still countries where people have to drink dirty polluted water. It’s about time things changed.

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  2. What a brilliant artistic environmental piece, I will try and see it when in London this week 🙂

    btw did you know the very first law on water pollution and right of access to water resulted from a female laundry woman bringing a case against her polluting neighbour in front of the King in the Great Hall in Winchester!

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