Views from Tower Bridge

During the build of London’s Tower Bridge at the end of the nineteenth century, the site office (shown above) was a busy place, with architects and engineers watching over the work. Above, you see architect John Wolfe Barry (centre), with site managers George Edward Wilson Crutwell (left) and Andrew Stephenson Biggart (right).

And there is a recognisable view from the window, with the dome of London’s tallest building standing out: St Paul’s Cathedral. In fact, it retained the title of tallest building until 1963.

And below we have an up-to-date view of London from a window on Tower Bridge’s upper walkway.

Views from Tower Bridge, London, January 2020

And those shots are clear images, with no reflection from the glass windows – because, they allow visitors to open them. What a novelty in Britain’s obsession with locked windows for reasons of health and safety.


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  14 January 2020

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

15 thoughts on “Views from Tower Bridge

  1. Excellent views. So much is new since I worked and visited England in the previous century. The Shard, The Girken, The London Eye. I must get back. (Get BAAAACK! Get BAAAACK! Get BACK to where you once belonnnnged!) (The Beatles. Sorry. Was carried away.) 🙂

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