Yes, the sun appeared

Oudehaven, Rotterdam, February 2020

Another look at the Oudehaven area of Rotterdam. I know this is my third view of the area this week, but after a couple of damp, grey days, when the only light was the artificial type at night, I have to share the view of this beautiful spot when the sun emerged. I was dashing for my train home, but I had to nip back up to my viewpoint to chill for a few minutes.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 2 February 2020

Posted as part of All Seasons

17 thoughts on “Yes, the sun appeared

  1. You know I have never been to the Oude Haven? Admire the view -special lens? time to see it again, was 7 years ago:) Many thanks for sharing this with All Seasons -have an easy travel week:):) PS Thank you for your kind and supportive comments recently!

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    1. I loved Rotterdam – had changed a lot since my last visit on mid 1980s!!!
      I stayed close to the Oudehaven. The views were from a balcony amongst the cube houses, with a 16-35 lens.


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