36 thoughts on “Treetop walkway

  1. Love that one, Debbie! Visited for my birthday 2017 and it was a real treat. Unfortunately they were renovating the the grand glass house, so we never got in there. This walkway is beautifully captured in February as well.

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        1. We talk on the phone regularly and WhatsApp all the time. Her son, my eldest grandson has broken his wrist skateboarding so they have to run the gauntlet of the hospital tomorrow 😳


        2. oh no! A friend of our’s grandson did the same, although he went for shattered elbow and so had to stay in for a couple of nights 😦 guess inevitable with kids at home and sunny weather


        3. She sent us photos of him post surgery, looks very fragile poor thing. However recovery seems to be going well, although they don’t yet know if he will regain full use of his arm 😦


        4. That would be a great blogger event!!
          It reminds me of a meet up I did there with a few friends the morning after the Brexit vote. We had arranged to meet in a cafe outside the station for a quick coffee and we were there for 3 hours – partly discussion, partly shock! We didn’t have long in the gardens 😦


        5. Ooos, but all not surprised.

          Let’s make it a plan but maybe we need to do afternoon tea. That way can do gardens individually then catch up together. xxx

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