13 thoughts on “I’m a fan of natural framing

  1. It’s a strange area, isn’t it? We found it difficult to find the entrance and yet it’s big enough! I’ve not been to the underground bit yet either, but Becky has 🙂 🙂

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    1. I must make sure I organise the underground bit next time – I wasn’t even there for an opening day last time. But this section was quite close to my hotel as I was in the business district, and it made a very pleasant stroll on one of my escapes from work! Inside was interesting, but hard to get good photos, and I loved the view from above – I must see if I can make some squares!


    1. Yes, the aqueduct isn’t all that well known. There are a few places to see it from both above and below, and there’s an underground bit that I haven’t been to yet – have to book in advance.

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