Repeat visits to Lisbon

I first visited Lisbon in April 1989. It was just a day trip from Ericeira, a quiet (then) coastal town north west of the capital. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I didn’t fall in love with Lisbon. It’s not that I disliked it, but it didn’t grab me.

However, I returned, stayed longer and now I find it hard to leave the place. It became a regular early summer haunt when my daughter was young – a friendly, walkable city with appealing beaches a short hop away across the Tejo.

All those early visits were before my love for photography, but I’ve got a little selection of images here from more recent visits (2006, 2017 and 2020)

So come this way:

Vascow [sic] da Gama, Lisbon, 2007


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  18 April 2019

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Second Time Around

23 thoughts on “Repeat visits to Lisbon

  1. I’m trying not to read the conversations because I so want to see my son in July/August. 😦 Was that your daughter on the bench by the Tejo, Debs? I tried to comment in the gallery but it wouldn’t stick 😦


  2. How lovely that you have photos from earlier visits. We were due to visit Lisbon this month to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I’ve been a number of times, firstly back in 1966, but he hasn’t. So that’s another trip now on the back-burner.

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    1. Something to look forward to!
      !966! Have you any old photos? I was actually meant to visit in 1974 on a school cruise, but the Carnation Revolution changed our route and we went to Cadiz and Seville instead of Lisbon.

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    1. Sadly, I fear it could be a long time yet. There is now serious doubt about immunity, and therefore about a lasting vaccine. I can’t see travel being option, and certainly not a safe option, until at least October. And, to be honest, maybe not until 2021. So hard to imagine waiting that long

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      1. I agree. I never imagined it would become so hard to see our a daughter living in Barcelona. But the impossibility of Socially Distant travel makes journeying seem unlikely any time soon.


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