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Speaking in the past tense

old dirty wall, Euston, London

“Photographs are only able to speak in the past tense.”

– Ryūji Miyamoto, photographer, b. 1947
old and closed ticket window, Euston, London

Old parts of Euston underground station, London, June 2019

old ticket window, Euston, London

It’s time for a weekly quotation-inspired image.

If the quote inspires a pictorial or wordy post from you, do feel free to link in or to pop your URL in the comments.


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  27 May 2020

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  1. Not in my Reader for some reason but I love the quote and followed the link from Brian’s. Somewhat grateful that is not still a functioning part of the underground 🤗💕

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    • This was on a photography tour of the now deserted parts of Euston underground. Absolutely fascinating. They don’t do may with the specific time for photos, but I was tempted to do some of their “normal” tours this year. Perhaps next!

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