Music on the water

Today I’m taking a musical rather than verbal perspective on one of my favourite London bookshops.

Music on the deck at Word on the Water, London, June 2020

I have an aural perspective for you too. But I should note that although the two guys are still on board, this music was recorded not live.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 July 2020

Posted as part of SquarePerspectives

20 thoughts on “Music on the water

    1. I was sitting there enjoying my beer and amazed that the music had improved so much. Then I got up to get a different angle for the video and realised the truth! But yes, the recorded music was great.

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        1. Yes, the service is good and the resident dog is a real charmer:)
          And there’s a newcomer on board now, a parrot. I didn’t see him as he is new and is hiding, but I’m sure he’ll make an appearance once more settled.


    1. Yes, it’s a little beauty. Very cosy inside (though not something that’s really allowed at the moment). I pop down there a lot, but this was the first time I’d been there for any music. Pure chance, as it was very windy when I got up to the back of Kings Cross on Saturday. I had graved a takeaway beer up above and decided the canal would be a sheltered spot to sit. I’m not sure it was quite up to the standard of your outdoor jazz evening, but it was fun.


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