A holy perspective

Sadly, it’s the last day of July and the end of a fun month of squares with Becky. I started the challenge with a holey post and today, I thought I’d end the month with a holy one.

Yesterday, I showed a couple of distant views of Mont St Michel and today we’ve staggered up the slopes of the mount, squeezed around its ramparts and clambered up high inside the Abbey.

The cloisters are one of my favourite parts of the Abbey, with open air, blue sky, green grass, extensive views and great architecture.

Inside the cloisters of the abbey at Mont St Michel, France, July 2020



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 31 July 2020

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22 thoughts on “A holy perspective

  1. I’m loving your photos of Mont St-Michel, absolutely amazing! It was always on my bucket list and I finally was able to go there last June (2019). I didn’t think of using it in my Square Perspective posts, although there really are lots of different perspectives there!

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  2. oh just look at these squares. What a delight, and so glad you manage to find some peace and space in the cloisters.

    Such a clever way to finish too, did you have holy in mind when you started with holey, or did it just come to you today?

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    1. And now your subtle comment is true!
      How did I fail on the square front on the last day?!!!
      It just came to me today – well a couple of days ago but I only got the photos yesterday.


    1. Such narrow streets and over 3 million visitors a year, but only around 1 million into Abbey. And I got to see with numbers down. The car park area is immense and at busy times there are long queues, but no queues this week, so I wasn’t seeing it at its worst!

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    1. It was still pretty crowded. All masked, but not much distancing in action. The streets and ramparts were bad – worse than I remember them being in September a few years ago. But the abbey was pretty relaxed and easy to find space – the one way system in there worked well.

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