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How many women

I’ve posted a few collections of statue images recently and have been promising to do another collection, this time featuring women.

What would we find – a shortage of women? lots of nymphs and royalty? a lack of women as a whole?

Well, there is certainly a shortage of female statues compared to male, and very few named and real women.

I found some fiction:

Mary Poppins, London, June 2020

And some royalty, of whom Queen Victoria is the most common in the UK:

Queen Victoria, Birmingham

And quite a few nymphs:

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire, June 2020

But very few named women

Cilla Black, Liverpool, July 2019

Click on any image below to see larger view and title:

My collection of women statues reflects a report down by the BBC a couple of years ago. They noted that a few more named women statues have appeared in recent years, but their count in 2018 showed 174 women out of 828 people statues in UK, as seen in the graph below.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 August 2020

Posted as part of How Many series and PPAC

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  1. That’s quite a wonderful assortment of female statues, Debbie. You probably had to travel all over to get them considering the overall scarcity of them. Did you have a favorite among them? Queen Victoria is obviously revered. I liked the young girl on the street. She reminded me of the one I posted except that mine was imaginative and somewhat weird, whereas yours is more realistic. Thank you again for honoring women. I adore that and the beautiful pictures about this post.


  2. Great post and photos Debbie. In NZ is (not surprisingly) much the same. Apart from Queen Victoria, the woman here who’s mostly likely to be depicted in a statue is Kate Sheppard who led the suffrage movement here.

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