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A place I like to be

A selection of Madrid photos, 2018 and 2019



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 September 2020

Posted as part of Photo a Week

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  1. LOVE Madrid and extra trips to Toledo and Segovia. And the museums! Love your series! I went to Madrid with the last year classes, so, for some years. They all loved it too, and the class photo was taken at the base of Don Quijote’s horse. Those were the days… But – I have to agree, the winner is Barcelona if I had to choose.

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    • Great minds 🙂 I love the horse statue but he is always surrounded by people having their photos taken!! That’s why I’ve got that very low angle shot of him – it was the only way of avoiding the people. A great city for a group visit – no matter how big a group every person would have to fins something they like.


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