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Summer is too short

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

– William Shakespeare

So enjoy while you can!

River Lee Navigation and Olympic Park, London, September 2020

It’s time for a weekly quotation-inspired image.

If the quote inspires a pictorial or wordy post from you, do feel free to link in or to pop your URL in the comments.


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  23 September 2020

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  1. Well timed advice!
    Funny enough, I am just going through a Shakespeare phase. I thought I had read enough of Hamlet during my university days but via the detour of Richard Armitage’s silky smooth voice and his rendition of Hartley and Hewson’s version of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, I am listening now to the BBC production with Ronald Pickup. Hence: Well met by wordpress, fair photographer!

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        • Both. If I can, I try to listen in the original language. I recently listened to Les Miserables – in German because 56 hours of Hugo’s French was too much. But I kept switching to the French and listened to some passages after I had heard them in German. With English I couldn’t do that. I am a translator by trade and I would always listen with a professional ear to the translation rather than the text, if you know what I mean. I hate it when I can guess the original after listening to a bad joke in TV sitcoms (happens a lot with the Simpsons, they are translated really badly by the translators often not getting the joke in the first place, I guess mainly because these series are dubbed very fast, they come out barely a couple of months after the original was aired).


        • Oh, and particularly with Shakespeare – it helps to hear somebody speak the lines even if I have to listen several times, to get the meaning. I find Shakespeare needs to be performed to be understood and appreciated.

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        • Yes, I agree with Shakespeare. I’ll have to try listening to one of his.
          I love listening to other languages more than English, even if I don’t understand it all – just the sounds are close to music. At least with some languages – some never seem to quite get to that level in my head. I don’t have the translator bit to make it so complicated for me, but funnily enough I had that happen this morning. I was reading a few articles about an attack in France – written in English by French people, on a few different sites. The translations were poor, and I found that I was actually translating back to French. The joys of language!

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