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Carnival reflections

In a normal year, I’d be thinking about heading out to Venice now to enjoy their Carnival festivities. I couldn’t last year as work took me to Lisbon, so maybe next year. In the meantime, let’s pop back to one of my previous visits.

Venice carnival, February 2017

If you fancy going in 2022, I highly recommend Tim Mannakee’s photography workshop. He’s a regular and will ensure you find the best locations and best models, plus a private shoot or two in a stunning location.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 5 February 2021

Posted as part of Weekend Reflection

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    • I did, it brought back memories for me. I usually get there once or twice a year. My favourite times are Carnival (usually February) and October / November. It’s great too see the place with fewer tourists

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  1. I always enjoy these glimpses of carnival, Debbie, although I can’t imagine going to all the effort myself (the dressing up, not the photography). Last year we were saying “Maybe next year” and this year I’ve been saying “Maybe later this year.” I do see a driving trip in my fairly near future and that would be lovely. As for Europe…well, “Maybe ____________.”

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    • I would never be one of the dresser-uppers. The costumes and masks are stunning, and you have to be up early to pose at dawn. But as a surveyor, with or without camera, it’s great fun. As for travel, who knows … 😦 I still have things planned, that keep rolling on in jumps of 6 or 12 months. I was driving today (to and from a funeral) in glorious weather and wishing I was driving across the States. I’d like to get over to Europe later this year, but I’m not sure it will happen.

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  2. I’ve never been to Venice Carnival but I might yet make it in 2022, who knows. Everything is in such a state of flux these days that planning for a future seems like a hostage to fortune so I deliberately don’t think too far ahead. Your idea of the photography course is attractive though.

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    • Know what you mean. Things keep tempting me and then I decide no. If you’re tempted by the Venice trip you can drop Gilly Mannakee a line and ask her to let you know when the trip books up. And she won’t pressurise you (especially if you mention my name as I’ve done 10 trips with them) 😀


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