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I’m a fan of beer

I’m missing popping into a pub for a beer and a chat with friends, or grabbing a cooling drink in a pub garden at the end of a long walk. But this old brewery in Hertford gives me a smile even during lockdown – for its architecture not its beer.

The McMullen Brewery has restructured its business and become a small brewery on smaller premises, and this nineteenth century building is now being converted into housing. Not for the average purse, mind you – I see that a 4-bedroom house costs around £1 million.

Hertford Brewery, Hertford, March 2021



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 15 March 2021

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  1. I bet it smells wonderful inside. Glad to hear McMullens are still around, they were on the verge of going under fifteen or so years ago. Had my first pint of Mac’s in the Red lion, vicarage Road, Watford aged 13!

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    • Indeed. They have wonderful interiors judging by photos online, but what a price. Part of it is due to walking distance to 2 train stations. But they are slow journeys. Even if I could afford them, I wouldn’t give up on my easy access to London and beyond!

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