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Flying high

Waiting to board the zeppelin, Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 2017



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 18 March 2021

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W Challenge

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  1. Debbie, the photos are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like the zeppelin. I guess I haven’t watched the news enough. It doesn’t seem possible it could fly, yet your photos show that it clearly does! Fascinating. 🙂

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    • Yes, there’s no other way, re4ally, unless you have black and white film. You can tell your camera to do it if you take jpegs – but that is just the camera converting it instead of you. I can set my camera to make it look in the viewfinder as though I’m taking black and white but when I upload the raw files they are in colour! The only thing is they usually need different editing – you can be much bolder in black and white than in colour and it has taken me ages to get the confidence to do that. If I edit in b&w and then convert back to colour it would be way too colourful! But your options depend on what you use to do the conversion and editing. What do you use, Jo?

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      • That’s a good kwestion, Debs. You know high tech me! My ISUS laptop has its ‘in house’ processing available when I download. I use that but it’s very limited. Probably just as well. So am I 🙂 🙂

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        • Ha ha! If you’re happy with it just stick with it, Jo. If you try something else it will eat up your time! It can be quite addictive. Says Debbie who can edit happily for hours!

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