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Book Binders in Burslem

A former site of Warwick Savage Printers and Book Binders, Burslem, February 2021

Warwick Savage was a wholesale stationer, printer and bookseller in Burslem, founded in the mid-18th century. His company was important in producing high class illustrations for the ceramics industry and supplying materials for ceramic artists, but the business stretched further than that. It was particularly proud of importing top camel hair pencils from France, perfect for decorating the ceramics produced in the Burslem potteries. Pop over here to read a glowing article about Mr Savage, written in 1893.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 April 2021

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W Challenge

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    • Yes, it was sad. Burslem has an amazing history, particularly in ceramics, and has wonderful architecture to go with it. But A lot of TLC (and money) is required to properly show off its assets.


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