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King Arthur stands tall

Gallos by Rubin Eynon, Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, May 2021

This 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture stands on the cliffs of Tintagel. It is named Gallos, taken from the Cornish word for power. This dominant piece of art, clutching what looks like the Excalibur sword, is thought by most people to be the legendary King Arthur. Officially, though, this statue represents not only the legend of Arthur but the royal heritage and historic importance of the site of Tintagel as a whole.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 10 July 2021

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Also posted as part of Skywatch Friday and Weekend Sky

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  1. Amazed to read above that this was only erected a few years ago. It has certainly merged into the background, or should that be foreground, very well. Lovely photograph.


  2. So much to admire about this post. Art is so imaginative and not literal. While it can be literal, this kind of work is so outside the tiny box that encases my imagination that I’m in awe. Thanks for sharing, Debbie.

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