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  1. That’s a beautiful mural and even though it was painted in 2017, it could just as well have been painted recently. Great find Debbie, thanks for participating in Monday Murals.


  2. My reaction is the same as the others — how could there have been an image of someone in a medical-type mask before 2020! But we did have a package of masks in the workshop for dust protection; since it was unopened we gave it to a doctor when things were really tough in that terrible springtime.

    best… mae at

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  3. wow – they had masks on in 2017?
    prior to the pandemic i only occasionally saw some folks with them – like while shopping in a store a sales lady had to wear one and then saw a customer once A but never saw street art with masks prior to 2020 – cool image too


    • Masks for cyclists are quite common – to avoid breathing in pollution. I assume that’s what this was as it matches the gloves. It didn’t strike me as strange back then. Funnily enough it stood out more when I looked back at these photos.

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      • Thanks for the reply – I remember seeing pictures from Asia where cyclists and street walkers wore masks – and it seemed to normal to them .
        And side note – your archives must be packed with so much variety! So fun


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